PolyUrethane Simple Loop Ureteral Stent

100% thermo sensitive Polyurethane MONO J stent

Provides an excellent patient tolerance
Provides an encrustation high resitance

Up to 12 months indwelling

Long term implantation

Pigtail type

for an autostatic position
2 open tips

Kit composition:

Polyurethane Ureteral SIMPLE J Stent

40 cm Length Simple pusher with radiopaque ring

PTFE coated Guidewire Ø 0.035i

RocaJJ Simple J in polyurethane

References ØFr/Ch Lenght (cm)
ROJG4690ST 6 90
ROJG4790ST 7 90
ROJG4890ST 8 90

Individually Packaged (guidewire conditionned separatly in the same box)

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