3 way Silicone Catheter

After TURP or prostatectomy, the two eyes under the ballon improves the drainage of the Urine and the blood from the bladder neck.

Large Diameter ( 18 to 24 Fr )

allow for large chunks of debris to pass through the catheter

100% Silicone

Avoid any risk of allergy or toxicity

Clear catheter body

Monitor the drainage quality and visualize urine

Closed Round Tip

Ease of placement of an introducer if needed

Latex Free

Reduce Uretral inflammations and infections

Large bevels and eyes

Insure excellent drainage capacity

Wide irrigation and drainage Channels

Prevent blocking

Wide Irrigation and Drainage Channels

3 Way Silicone Prostatic Catheters

Ø Ch/Fr Balloon Volume
Length (cm) Couvelaire
18 50 42 ROFC3518ST ROFD3518ST ROFE3518ST ROFS3518ST
20 60 42 ROFC3520ST ROFD3520ST ROFE3520ST ROFS3520ST
22 70 42 ROFC3522ST ROFD3522ST ROFE3522ST ROFS3522ST
24 80 42 ROFC3524ST ROFD3524ST ROFE3524ST ROFS3524ST

Individually Packaged / Sterile / Single Use Device.

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