2 Working Channels

Designed for an ease navigation through a tortuous urinary tract. The Bi-Flex Evo Ureteral Access Sheath has two working channels and a dilating catheter. At 3 Fr each, the channels include luer lock connections to allow a safety wire and the injection of a contrast medium.

Flexible Atraumatic Tip
The new Flexible Tip – Access to the meatus providing security and ensures an atraumatic path in all tortuous urinary tracts.
Kink Resistant Coil – Steel spires within the inner coil provide strength and stability while allowing easy entry and withdrawal of the endoscope.


Graduated inner part
Graduated Inner Part – Understand its position, in order to measure the dilation of the ureter with precision and safety.
Distal Platinum Ring – Allows for visualization under fluoroscopy in order to confirm the location of the distal tip.
Tapered introducer/Dilator – Tapers for an atraumatic introduction and dilation.


Biggest Inner Diameter
« (…) The inner diameter of the 10/12 Bi-Flex is actually 11 F, so intrarenal pressures were lower and irrigation flow was higher (…) The irrigation flow measurements were in accordance with pressure measurements »*

*T.Sener, J.Cloutier, L.Villa, F.Marson, Buttice, S.Doizi and O. Traxer
France Journal of Endourology, September 18, 2015



Bi-Flex Access Sheath

References Inner Ø fr/ Outer Ø fr Lenght cm
ROUS1035ST 10/12 35
ROUS1235ST 12/14 35
ROUS1045ST 10/12 45
ROUS1245ST 12/14 45

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