Intracorporeal Pneumatic Lithotripter

The Novalith NT-30 is very simple to use pneumatic lithotripter designed for the effective crushing of calculi with minimum

patient discomfort. The hand piece of the equipment is light weight for ease of use and it is very easy to disassemble for

cleaning purposes.

Novalith NT-30 is based on the common kinetic energy principle with a specially designed energy transmitting structure.

Since the hand piece and application probe have no live components, there is no electrical hazard whatsoever for patient or

user. Simple electromechanical design requires no special daily maintenance. Disinfection and sterilization procedures are

straightforward. The unit is simply connected to the hospital’s compressed air supply for the operation. With all these features

and affordable cost, the Novalith NT-30 is the ideal solution for the pneumatic lithotripsy needs.

• Easy to use

• Effective Fragmentation

• Light-weight hand piece

• Cost Effective