Pico Smart

PICO® SMART is based on an advanced acquisition board called SAU that offers new advanced capabilities.PICO® SMART can either be based on one trolley (all-in-one system) or upon 2 units connected by a wireless device (option) ​The pressure channels are compatible both with external transducer for water perfused catheters and solid-state catheters like those manufactured by Unisensor, [...]

Pico Flow2

  Pico Flow2 is a double-channel uroflowmeter for Uroflowmeter and Electromyography examinations of the Pelvic Floor.Pico Flow2 is especially designed for uroynamic examinations in pediatric and gynecology departments and whenever one chooses to perform a non-invasive urodynamic examination. Features:* Large graphic touch-screen display for patient's data entry and set-up of the test* The traces are shown on-line [...]


Flow Zig is the Medica Wireless Uroflowmeter Wireless Uroflowmetry with BLUETOOTH® protocol* Low power consumption* Band 2402-2480 MHz* Max. Operative distance 50 m. (in open space)* Micro-receiver for any USB port* Compatible with any Laptop or Desk Top* Software included