PolyUrethane Double Loop Ureteral Stent

A 100% thermo sensitive polyurethane radio-opaque, Ureteral DoubleJ Stent; for an excellent patient tolerance and an encrustation high resistance.

  • Thermo Sensitive PolyUrethane
  • Retrieval Tether
  • Highly Radiopaque
  • Up to 12 months indwelling
  • Connectable Pusher

Kit composition:

– 100% polyUrethane Ureteral Double J stent (4.8>8 Fr)

– Simple pusher – 40cm length > 6-8Fr / 70cm length > 4.8Fr -N

-No Guide Wire

Individually packaged (guidewire conditionned separatly in the same box)

Soft RocaJJ Stent – ECO KIT

Kit Simple Guide Wire 24 cm 26 cm 28 cm 30 cm
4,8 Ch/Fr No ROJS9524ST ROJS9526ST ROJS9528ST ROJS9530ST
6,0 Ch/Fr No ROJS9624ST ROJS9626ST ROJS9628ST ROJS9630ST
7,0 Ch/Fr No ROJS9724ST ROJS9726ST ROJS9728ST ROJS9730ST
8,0 Ch/Fr No ROJS9824ST ROJS9826ST ROJS9828ST ROJS9830ST