Barium Filled Radiopaque Tip

Enhances Fluoroscopic Visualization

Hydrophilic Floppy Tip

Facilitates passages beyond obstructions and negociates tortuous anatomy

Stiff Nitinol Core

Offers a kink resistant shaft for enhanced control

PTFE Coating

Offers a wire surface to facilitate advancement

Blue and Yellow stripped pattern

Designed to provide clear endoscopic visualization of wire movement

Rio Tracer®

Reference Distal Tip (5cm) Ø (inch) Lenght (cm)
ROWR3500ST Hydrophilic Dual Flexible 0,035 150
ROWR3501ST Hydrophilic Angled /Straight Dual Flexible 0,035 150
ROWR3502ST Hydrophilic and Floppy 0,035 150

Individually packaged / Sterile / Single use device / Box of 10

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